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Remember, your story is waiting to be told and the world is waiting to hear it.
Stories on Faith, Hope and Purpose
  • Fight Cancer Global hopes to unite individuals from all geographic, socioeconomic and functional backgrounds, as their stories and perspectives may be able to be of help to others fighting cancer.
  • You are able to leave a lasting impression with your story on someone who could potentially carry it with them for the rest of their lives. Something that resonates in their heart.
  • Your wisdom that comes from experience and your journey helps to strengthen and support others and it may also give them the courage in their battle with cancer.
  • Sharing a story may be healing for you, pushing you to move beyond what may be holding you back in life.
  • Whether you are a doctor, a donor, a caregiver, a cancer survivor or a friend or family member of a cancer victim, your insight may be very valuable to others who are dealing with similar issues and problems.
  • Thoughts you've had, treatments you've witnessed, lessons you've learned can very well add value to another person's personal fight against cancer.
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