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Outreach, Engage and Empower Initiative: On the ground in Kuala Lumpur and Chaah, Malaysia

3:33 am 07-10-2019

Fight Cancer Global has assembled hundreds of Global Partners from over 60 countries so far and plan to top over 100 countries by 2020. Through multiple global initiatives we are helping to create new solutions to transform the Cancer space in dynamic ways. Current and upcoming initiatives include our Global Writer/Blogger Panel based on our Facebook page (100K followers), Oncology Nexgen, bringing together healthcare professionals in the oncology space for benefit of the next generation of Oncology doctors, as well a Patient Navigation System focused on serving countries in need. Our Outreach, Engage and Empower initiative is a grass-roots movement in over 15 countries, bringing cancer awareness education to regions in which many citizens are in need of valuable assistance in areas including nutrition and early detections.

Leadership Panel members have been orchestrating Outreach, Engage and Empower presentations in countries including China, Jordan, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Zambia, and Cameroon. One of our partners in this endeavor is National Cancer Society Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur and its director, FCG Executive Board member Dr. Murallitharan Munisamy. One of their most recent events was a community screening initiative held in Chaah. This event featured highlights including roving exhibits, smoking cessation programs, liver cancer prevention talks and screening for Hepatitis B and C.

Our Global initiative and Vision is universally impacting and transforming the Oncology space using a 360 degree approach through Global Engagement and Collaboration, aligning Patients and Survivors with All Professionals - including Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Governments, Academic Institutions, Non-Profits and more - to result in ONE shared vision and responsibility, to serve all those living with Cancer.

The FCG framework begins with Five Pillars: Community, Outreach, Education, Technology and Hope. These pillars are fully integrated with multiple comprehensive platforms to engage players with one another at all levels, as they leverage collaborative partners to create synergy, bridge gaps, implement solutions and deliver the finest patient-centric cancer care.


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