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Fight Cancer Global: Global For-Profits

3:13 am 30-04-2019

Fight Cancer Global has assembled over 100 Global Partners from over 40 countries so far and plan to top over 100 countries by 2020. We’d like to highlight a select few Global For-Profit Partners whom have made strides in establishing a strong beachhead against Cancer and have chosen to Come Together, Stand Together and Fight Together with Fight Cancer Global.

Antiverse - London, UK

Antiverse is a computational antibody drug discovery platform that will predict antibody-antigen binding and provide antibody drug candidates, combining in-house lab expertise with state of the art machine learning to predict antibody-antigen binding and provide antibody drug candidates in one day.

Cambridge Cancer Genomics – Cambridge, UK

Cambridge Cancer Genomics builds precision oncology solutions for all patients, using advances in machine learning, AI and big data analysis to power a new type of cancer treatment regimen.

Coral Health - Boston MA

Coral Health offers the first mobile app available on iOS and Android where users can connect to health systems they have received care from and pull their electronic health records on to their mobile device in seconds.

Cancer Hallmark Analytics and Immunocentrics (NEO7) – Shanghai, China

A Biointelligence, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications company with the implementation model and mission of architecting patient compatibility precision-medicine based treatment innovations and designs through methods including personal exome profiling, cancer / tumor exome profiling, HLA typing, proteomic mapping and immunogenetic mapping.

MeDiNova Research – London, UK

Passionate in every aspect of clinical trials delivery, MeDiNova possesses a large database of patients and network of physicians and GPs to provide the highest quality of care for experience and patient retention, with a global presence of 105 Clinical Research Sites on 4 continents.

FCG’s Partnership Initiative is focused on organizations in multiple verticals, including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Biomed companies, Non-Profits, Health and Wellness companies, Governments, Academic Institutions and Research Institutions. Currently represented by over 90 Partners and over 150 Global Leadership Panel members in over 45 countries, we intend to accumulate over 1000 Partners and 1000 Leadership Panel members in over 100 countries by 2020.

The FCG framework begins with Five Pillars: Community, Outreach, Education, Technology and Hope. These pillars are fully integrated with multiple comprehensive platforms to engage players with one another at all levels, as they leverage collaborative partners to create synergy, bridge gaps, implement solutions and deliver the finest cancer care.

Our Global initiative and Vision is universally impacting and transforming the Oncology space using a 360 degree approach through Global Engagement and Collaboration, aligning Patients and Survivors with All Professionals - including Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Governments, Academic Institutions, Non-Profits and more - to result in ONE shared vision and responsibility, to serve all those living with Cancer.


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