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Global Leadership Panel – India

8:46 am 11-04-2019

Fight Cancer Global has assembled Global Leadership Panel members from over 45 countries so far and plan to top over 100 countries by 2020. We’d like to highlight a few Survivors, Healthcare Professionals, Non-Profit founders and Doctors from India who have chosen to stand with us against Cancer.

Dr. Shraddha Bhange - Mumbai

Dr. Bhange has worked in drug safety and pharmacovigilance for the last 6 years. She has been working in areas including Phase 2 to Phase 3 Clinical Trials for oncology products, audits and regulatory inspections (FDA,EMA,MHRA, etc.) and conducting pharmacovigilance awareness trainings to all personnel..

Arun Gupta – Dehli

Founder of Non-Profit Win Over Cancer, Arun was diagnosed with CLL (Leukemia) in 2011 (which relapsed in 2017) and  underwent Richter’s transformation (DLBCL) in 2016. In 2018, his Non-profit received the only invitation/entry (out of 180+ delegates) from India at “Care for Cancer” International conference in Sweden and has received multiple awards for prosthetic bra programs including recognition among four best 2017 innovations by India Today Woman

Dr. Amol Patil – Maharastra

As a Specialty Ayurveda Hospital Owner/Practitioner, Dr. Patil practices general medicine as well as Ayurveda, an ancient medical science with its own scientific language and management of diagnoses and disease. He is focused on creating a framework to develop new Cancer clinics, wellness centers and hospitals focused on providing integrated treatments and services to Cancer patients and survivors.

Dr.Navneeth Selvan - Chennai

Senior Manager Medical Affairs and a clinical pharmacologist by profession specializing in Palliative medicine, Dr. Selvan is also Founder and Managing Trustee of The Doctors United Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization working towards providing free and quality treatment to the poor and needy along with creation of social and medical awareness.

Satyaprakash Mishra – Hyderabad

With over 12 years experience in Pharmaceutical Sales and marketing specializing in Oncology and new product ideation, Satya’s work has been focused on work with Solid Tumors related to Lung, Breast and Colorectal cancer.

Dr. Piyush Gupta - Lucknow

As Secretary & Principal Executive Officer of Cancer Aid Society, he served as Chief Representative at ECOSOC Offices of United Nations, New York, Geneva and Vienna. He has participated internationally at many other events, including serving as presenter at World Cancer Congress, Paris France in and 2016 and recognized for International Cancer Prevention Fellowship in 2017 by National Cancer Institute in the United States.

FCG’s Partnership Initiative is focused on organizations in multiple verticals, including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Biomed companies, Non-Profits, Health and Wellness companies, Governments, Academic Institutions and Research Institutions. Currently represented by over 90 Partners and over 150 Global Leadership Panel members in over 45 countries, we intend to accumulate over 1000 Partners and 1000 Leadership Panel members in over 100 countries by 2020.

The FCG framework begins with Five Pillars: Community, Outreach, Education, Technology and Hope. These pillars are fully integrated with multiple comprehensive platforms to engage players with one another at all levels, as they leverage collaborative partners to create synergy, bridge gaps, implement solutions and deliver the finest cancer care.

Our Global initiative and Vision is universally impacting and transforming the Oncology space using a 360 degree approach through Global Engagement and Collaboration, aligning Patients and Survivors with All Professionals - including Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Governments, Academic Institutions, Non-Profits and more - to result in ONE shared vision and responsibility, to serve all those living with Cancer.

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