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Fight Cancer Global Diversity : Women in Oncology

6:14 pm 17-04-2019

Fight Cancer Global would like to shine a spotlight on several of the women who are vital to our movement’s success as part of our Global Leadership Panel. These women making strides in the Global Oncology space are a vital part of this success merely by making their own contributions to health, science, visibility and hope in the Community and the world around them.  

Dr. Hannah Thompson – Great Britain

Dr. Hannah Thompson brings a varied skill and experience set to Fight Cancer Global as a Global Leadership Panel member.  The first Full-time employee with Cambridge Cancer Genomics, she actively works with advocacy groups and generates partnerships with a diverse group of individuals within the Oncology space (Academics, Oncologists, etc) to develop new software solutions to improve response times as she strives to help achieve her company’s mission of active treatment monitoring for cancer patients.

Ghadeer Alzoubi – Jordan

Fight Cancer Global is happy to announce the addition of Ghadeer Alzoubi, a Clinical Pharmacist from Jordan, to our Global Leadership Panel. Previously serving as a chief pharmacist in community pharmacies primarily researching Colon Cancer (one of the most common cancers in her country), she is currently working in a pharmaceutical company marketing department. Her goal is to develop educational programs which will positively Influence patients to more fully understand their diagnoses and treatment in Jordan and beyond.

Elisa Conigliaro – USA/Italy

The addition of Elisa Conigliaro to our Global Leadership Panel adds strength to Fight Cancer Global’s commitment to a diverse and comprehensive approach to filling gaps in the Oncology space globally. With over 25 years experience as a lead medical journalist/editor for global journals (including Medical Tribune and Corriere Medico), she has successfully developed communication plans, press kits, press events, and web contents for health campaigns. She is a member of the Association of Healthcare Journalists, possesses a Certificate in Fundraising from NYU and is driven by “the desire to make an impact in raising the awareness about cancer, changing the perception how patients feel, strengthening the collaboration of different actors worldwide so they can all speak one language.” 

Dr. Rana Nabulsi - UAE

Dr. Nabulsi brings a wide range of achievements and accreditations with her to the FCG Global Leadership Panel. A Consultant in Healthcare Quality and Head of Quality at Pathology and Genetics Department at Dubai Health Authority, Dr. Nabulsi  was the winner for American Society of Quality (ASQ) award –The first award of its kind outside USA –awarded to the Quality Professional in UAE for the year 2015. She is a Fellow of American College for Healthcare Executives (FACHE), Chair of Advisory Board at American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) in UAE, Certified for Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) and EFQM Assessor and  was awarded by Collage of American Pathologist as “Inspector of the year” in 2013 and awarded as Quality Ambassador for Anglo Arabian Healthcare in 2014. 

Alina Comanescu – Romania

In founding Community Health Association Romania in 2014, Alina has created a cancer patient advocacy strategy amid the complex political, cultural and regulatory landscape of Romania. The Association is the co-founder of the Coalition for European Health, a civil society initiative that advocates for more transparent and efficient health budget, focusing on a platform gathering patients stories and promoting patient navigation importance. She has implemented multiple various cancer awareness, informational and educational campaigns as well as the first colorectal screening cancer campaign in Romania. 

Lopamudra Das Roy - USA

Founder/President of Breast Cancer Hub with 18 years in the field of Genetics and Breast & Pancreatic Cancer Research, Lopa has been a recipient of research grants as Principal Investigator  from DoD Breast Cancer Research Program. She also global recognition from American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) for breakthrough work on discovering pathway between "Breast cancer metastasis and Arthritis : role of mast cells and SCF/c-Kit signaling”.

FCG’s Partnership Initiative is focused on organizations in multiple verticals, including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Biomed companies, Non-Profits, Health and Wellness companies, Governments, Academic Institutions and Research Institutions. Currently represented by over 90 Partners and over 150 Global Leadership Panel members in over 45 countries, we intend to accumulate over 1000 Partners and 1000 Leadership Panel members in over 100 countries by 2020.

The FCG framework begins with Five Pillars: Community, Outreach, Education, Technology and Hope. These pillars are fully integrated with multiple comprehensive platforms to engage players with one another at all levels, as they leverage collaborative partners to create synergy, bridge gaps, implement solutions and deliver the finest cancer care.

Our Global initiative and Vision is universally impacting and transforming the Oncology space using a 360 degree approach through Global Engagement and Collaboration, aligning Patients and Survivors with All Professionals - including Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Governments, Academic Institutions, Non-Profits and more - to result in ONE shared vision and responsibility, to serve all those living with Cancer.


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