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Women Survivors on FCG Global Leadership Panel

6:14 pm 17-04-2019

Fight Cancer Global has spoken with many survivors globally and would like to spotlight a few of the women who are vital to our movement’s success as part of our Global Leadership Panel. These women have taken their respective Cancer journeys head on and are striving to make their own contributions to the Global Oncology space while increasing visibility of Cancer education and hope for the survivor in the Community and the world around them.  

Lisa Vento Nielsen - USA

Fight Cancer Global is very pleased to have Lisa Vento Nielsen as a part of our Global Leadership Panel. Lisa is a Cancer Survivor who has written 9 books, participated as a public speaker at multiple engagements, created a 501c3 Educational Foundation called "Balance After Cancer" and founded The Next Step, focused on teaching and implementing Survivorship tools. She considers herself to be a Survivorship expert, guiding Cancer patients and survivors in how to feel more confident in their bodies and deal more easily with work readiness, relationships other life experiences in which they can use more balance.

Tracy Pepper - New Zealand

Tracy Pepper, (Bay of Plenty, New Zealand) brings an indomitable spirit and unique perspective to the FCG Global Leadership Panel, having first been diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer at the age of 10. Not expected to survive, her body was donated to science in order to help find the right drug combinations to help others, prompting her to learn to fight cancer through self taught meditation. She has been a public speaker for over 28 years and her multiple endeavors include running a Well-Being studio promoting health from the inside out and founding a non-profit in Tanzania and Uganda  called the Pendo Project. 

Ani Haykuni – Great Britain

Ani founded Ani Haykuni Cancer Treatment Support Foundation after being diagnosed with aggressive form of breast cancer in July 2015. Currently Cancer-free, she is driving the actions of her charity, which supported 26 cancer patients from poor and low-income families in Armenia in 2018 alone. A UN certified expert in Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production, she received the Gregory International Award (U.S., SAF) for her professional achievements and leadership in environmental sector in the U.S. and abroad, only given to one professional per year world-wide.

Noora Zein - Kenya

Noora's foundation, Kintsugi Collective Foundation, sprung from her personal Cancer journey, facing bullying as a survivor. She raises awareness of high suicide rates of young cancer survivors, provides counseling services to young cancer patients and family and collaborates with other organizations to create greater visibility of issues affecting young women and girls.

Susan Binau - USA

Susan’s survivor and advocacy journey began in 2006 in Denmark, when she was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer a few days after her son's 2nd birthday. She has since become a Global Advocate for Cancer Patients, founded the Non-Profit Women Fighting Cancer and is driven to make a difference in the lives of families facing the difficult challenges that follow a loved one’s cancer diagnosis. In 2011, she developed the AngelKIT™ and HeartPackage resources, donations for which have made a difference for more than 5,000 families worldwide and has built a non-profit organization in Denmark collaborating with non-profit organizations, hospitals and hospices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, and the United States.

Melanie Roche - Netherlands

Founder and President of her own Healing Arts studio, Melanie is a Cancer survivor, energy healer and creator of the Joy of Presence: The IDEA Method--Inner Directed Energy Awareness™.  She recently authored “Thriving Through Cancer:  Tools and Practices to Improve Your Quality of Life During Cancer and Beyond - An Integrative Method”, which draws on the latest findings from genomics and epigenetics and shares her cancer journey. In late March 2019, she is speaking at TEDx Rotterdam on “Affecting the World from the Inside Out”.

FCG’s Partnership Initiative is focused on organizations in multiple verticals, including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Biomed companies, Non-Profits, Health and Wellness companies, Governments, Academic Institutions and Research Institutions. Currently represented by over 90 Partners and over 150 Global Leadership Panel members in over 45 countries, we intend to accumulate over 1000 Partners and 1000 Leadership Panel members in over 100 countries by 2020.

The FCG framework begins with Five Pillars: Community, Outreach, Education, Technology and Hope. These pillars are fully integrated with multiple comprehensive platforms to engage players with one another at all levels, as they leverage collaborative partners to create synergy, bridge gaps, implement solutions and deliver the finest cancer care.

Our Global initiative and Vision is universally impacting and transforming the Oncology space using a 360 degree approach through Global Engagement and Collaboration, aligning Patients and Survivors with All Professionals - including Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Governments, Academic Institutions, Non-Profits and more - to result in ONE shared vision and responsibility, to serve all those living with Cancer.


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