Partner With Us
Partnerships created with Healthcare Professionals, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies, Research facilities and Wellness Centers will enable Cancer fighters to utilize resources previously unavailable to them individually, as Partners will be able to take advantage of greater visibility, branding opportunities and a greater level of involvement in the Cancer space to grow their enterprises and serve the world.
These partnerships will be spurred on by tools including Fight Cancer Global's Broadcasting arm, capturing stories of influence and creating branding, advertising and marketing opportunities unique in the Cancer space.

Healthcare Professionals

Fight Cancer Global's multi-disciplinary environment will enable collaborative efforts of Healthcare professionals to unite with other like-minded professionals with whom they share synergy in their focus, yet may otherwise never meet. As we learn more about how professionals are influencing in the cancer space, FCG will be able to engage all leaders on common ground while providing higher visibility and branding and marketing opportunities.


The FCG Technological Platform will use Social Media and other Global Outreach efforts to create collaborative patient support groups and communities forming an avenue of trust between Cancer families and their hospitals as well as identifying target demographics for patient acquisition strategies. This authentic social presence will also accommodate industry reliability and real-time conversations with patients, healthcare providers and caregivers.


FCG will team with our Pharmaceutical partners in a variety of ways, blending a global multi-media platform with Community-based feedback through the FCG Dashboard, which would streamline information on available medications and collaborating on innovative product development in the cancer space.


As new innovations rise in immunotherapy cancer treatments and other biotechnology horizons, Fight Cancer Global will drive the growth of the Global Biotechnology landscape by using its broadcasting arm to give champions of invention greater visibility and encouraging mutually beneficial collaborations between true influencers.

Research & Innovation

Cancer research breakthrough will be nurtured through the FCG-sourced communication network, enabling the exchange of knowledge among researchers and academicians world-wide, promoting strong collaborations between partners and fostering creativity and critical thinking skills at an intercultural level.

Health & Wellness

FCG will work with our Health and Wellness partners through Social Media and other Global Outreach efforts, creating collaborative patient support groups and communities while forming relationships between Cancer families and Health and Wellness entities (Groceries, Spas, Yoga studios, etc). Our Broadcasting arm will also create diverse opportunities for branding and marketing, while instilling industry reliability and facilitating real-time conversations with patients, healthcare providers and caregivers.
No problem is too big when you have help, We are seeking for Leaders to help us advise and steer us in this Movement. Help us shape the Fight Cancer Global team as we unite in our battle against cancer.
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