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Cancer fighters of all stripes, including Patients, Survivors, Advocates, Volunteers, Non-Profit Organizations, Academic Institutions and Governments, can utilize Fight Cancer Global as a springboard to greater education, involvement and problem solving with everyone else driven to serve in the Cancer space.

Patients & Survivors

You’ve heard those three words no one wants to hear, “You have Cancer”. You’re not defined by your diagnosis but by the journey to wellness you embrace. Fight Cancer Global can help you navigate through hardships you encounter on your journey, by providing a comprehensive, integrated platform centered around you which you can use to minimize the isolation Cancer Survivors encounter every day.

Patient Advocacy

Fight Cancer Global's mission that "No one should face the fight alone" aligns perfectly with the work of patient advocates. Collaborations between entities including Healthcare professionals, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Academic Institutions and Non-profits will provide a wellspring of patient-centric connections for advocates to contact on behalf of isolated patients and survivors.

Supporters & Volunteers

“Cancer” is perhaps the most feared word in any language, but the best way to combat fear is with Hope and Love. Join the movement at Fight Cancer Global to fight for your loved ones when they cannot fight for themselves.


FCG is creating partnerships with small and large non-profit organizations. We plan to enhance the performances of these respective organizations first by understanding their mission and how it fits best on our established platform, focusing on creating a framework that will streamline our collective processes, enabling, empowering and bringing visibility to all calls to action within our respective missions.

Academic Institutions

Students will utilize the FCG Platform to plan supporting events and reach out to the community at large, communicating university-based accomplishments through public engagements and publications to constituent groups and enhancing and strengthening relations of corporate partners with the University. FCG will also sponsor a Student Exchange Program, which will encourage productive, mutually beneficial collaborations between international faculty and students representing Partner international universities and research organizations, while promoting health and well-being of students, improving intercultural dialogues and strengthening the educational impact of these opportunities.


FCG will propel our Global initiative through the guidance and leadership of governments worldwide, building frameworks for cancer-related government projects on cancer patients’ native soil, strengthening and empowering communities around these cancer-related government initiatives, fighting together to provide solutions and create innovations.
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