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With a worldwide Community connected via social media, Outreach initiatives focused on sharing information while minimizing overall cost and increased Education and research capabilities will be enhanced through global sharing. Hope will grow exponentially among our universal community, thus presenting more possibilities to utilize our Technology to provide viable solutions to problems faced by Cancer patients worldwide.
Cancer Support Groups 


Hope is the glue that keeps our ever-expanding community together. All facets of the Fight Cancer Global Platform (emails, groups, discussions, research, events, etc.) will contribute to support cancer victims and help them stay positive during the fight of their lives.


Fight Cancer Global offers a safe, inviting online community where Hospitals, Physicians, Pharmaceutical companies and other professionals can communicate with Cancer patients and families, more fluidly exchanging information and creating an environment of Global support. Our goal is to expand Worldwide so that all those dealing with cancer will have a platform from which they gain comfort and courage in the fight for their lives.

Online Cancer Support Community
Cancer Awareness Programs


Fight Cancer Global provides a conduit through which patients and medical students, researchers and health care professionals can reach out to a community of interested parties to share or request information about cancer, its symptoms, its treatments and perhaps one day, its cure. FCG's Broadcasting arm will use the Internet will allow a more efficient exchange of information, as well as a convenient means to seek out other sources.


Fight Cancer Global offers access to peer-reviewed research articles regarding cancer treatments, providing a portal to numerous educational resources discussing the many aspects of our shared fight against cancer. Connecting researchers with hospitals and all others concerned in the Cancer space will allow greater access and a smoother flow of information. Thus, from the moment patients hear "You have Cancer", the treacherous gap between cancer suffering and treatment will be more effectively minimized and patients and survivors will be more empowered to battle the disease.

Cancer Social Networking Sites


Fight Cancer Global utilizes and leverages cutting edge technologies to create a streamlined 360 degree view of the Cancer space, closing isolation gaps by using our integrated framework to facilitate innovative product development and accelerate research & innovation in hopes to spearhead treatment and a cure for cancer.

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