Stand With Us Against Cancer

  • Crowdfunding Video

    Crowdfunding, Global, USA Fight Cancer Global
  • HRH Princess Deun Ogunlana

    CEO, USA/Nigeria Innovative Global Consulting
  • Kethan Parbhoo

    Chief Transformation and Area Change Leader, UAE Microsoft Middle East and Africa
  • Victor Dorado

    Global Head of Legal, Spain Santander Consumer Finance
  • Dr. John Catanzaro

    CISO, Mexico Neo7Logix
  • John Cassidy

    CEO, UK Cambridge Cancer Genomics
  • Vijay Kondur

    CEO, USA Fight Cancer Global
  • Dr. Moe Abdo

    COO, USA Fight Cancer Global
  • Cory Warfield

    CEO, USA Shedwool
  • Claudia Muchaluat

    Head of Strategic Business Development, Brazil IBM Services Latin America
  • Enrique Hank Feldman

    Founder/Director of Education, USA Global Learning Foundation
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