We are creating and cultivating a global social media technology platform designed to unite us all in the fight against cancer, crossing geographic, socioeconomic and functional boundaries, increasing information access and overall quality of life all those afflicted.
Our Global Platform
Is to empower community of members to join together in our shared fight against cancer, offering Community, Technology, Outreach, Education and Hope.
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Come Together to Fight Against Cancer
Hope can be a powerful thing to individuals fighting cancer. Through connections with other survivors, shared stories and encouragement can empower everyone globally.
Come Together to Fight Against Cancer
A global network of survivors can relate to one another, identify and connect with one another through similar stories and be encouraged by sharing information about their struggles, treatments, cure and experiences.
Come Together to Fight Against Cancer
We will facilitate the support by all those who wish to stand together with fighters & survivors and their family in order to become an integral source of support and encouragement.
Come Together to Fight Against Cancer
Fight Cancer Global will connect and engage volunteers to serve their local communities in all ways to benefit cancer fighters, survivors and the supporters in healthy life style practices focused in areas including health and wellness, nutrition and fitness.
Come Together to Fight Against Cancer
Fight Cancer Global will allow all those to who wish to contribute to the fight a platform to organize fundraisers, educating and galvanizing their community and trend globally through shared contacts.
Come Together to Fight Against Cancer
All organized events (medicine, health & wellness, fitness, awareness, nutrition Fundraisers, etc.) can be promoted on the Fight Cancer Global platform, allowing greater community outreach through strong organizational alliances.
Come Together to Fight Against Cancer
Health & Wellness
All fitness and nutrition professionals can enhance their brands and contributions to the Fight Cancer Global cause by partnering with us.
Global Advisory Council
We are actively considering candidates for our Advisory Council around the globe. Help us shape the Fight Cancer Global team as we unite in our battle against cancer.
Partner With Us
Cancer Support Programs Companies
Fight Cancer Global will help corporations serve their communities by providing a platform to engage their employees in the development of organized programs to "give back" locally, as well as creating local and global branding opportunities to raise awareness of the company and their philosophies.
Cancer Support Programs Hospitals
Fight Cancer Global will help facilitate connections of hospitals and cancer research centers to cancer fighters and survivor populations locally & globally, creating awareness of their services in cancer treatment, medicine and research information.
Cancer Support Programs Schools
Fight Cancer Global will help schools of all sizes to engage students to serve their local communities by providing a platform for them to learn, serve and grow in diverse fields (including technology, sales, marketing, etc.) as well as connect Fight Cancer Global interns and companies for any employment opportunities.
Cancer Research Group
Data gathered globally by Fight Cancer Global partners will enhance research and allow healthcare practitioners to more accurately identify problems and provide patients and their families more clarity into their diagnoses.
Non-Profits Cancer Support Groups
Local non-profits (including businesses churches and schools) can create pages on the Fight Cancer Global Platform, making Your Mission our shared mission through individual branding, affecting change locally and globally.
We provide the necessary infrastructure for participating governments to more easily align themselves with our organization. We will provide recommendations on how to identify needs and effectively mobilize efforts in the creation of supporting strategies and programs, which aid in leveraging with international partnerships, uniting the entire world in the fight against this insidious disease.
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