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    • A global framework connecting all players together at all levels to end the isolation.
    • A global Patient Navigation System to empower patients/survivors during their journey.
    • A global Broadcast Platform to bring more visibility to the latest innovations & breakthrough.
    • Patient-centric initiatives via outreach, education, training, awareness and screening.
    • Result: Initiatives built and implemented to affect transformative change so that no one should face the fight alone.

Fight Cancer, Inc

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Standing TOGETHER against Cancer.
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  • HRH Princess Deun Ogunlana

    CEO, USA/Nigeria Innovative Global Consulting
  • Kethan Parbhoo

    Chief Transformation and Area Change Leader, UAE Microsoft Middle East and Africa
  • Victor Dorado

    Global Head of Legal, Spain Santander Consumer Finance
  • Dr. John Catanzaro

    CISO, Mexico Neo7Logix
  • John Cassidy

    CEO, UK Cambridge Cancer Genomics
  • Vijay Kondur

    CEO, USA Fight Cancer Global
  • Dr. Moe Abdo

    COO, USA Fight Cancer Global
  • Cory Warfield

    CEO, USA Shedwool
  • Claudia Muchaluat

    Head of Strategic Business Development, Brazil IBM Services Latin America

Everyone involved in the Cancer space encounters Gaps. Patients, Researchers, Doctors and Caregivers face Isolation, challenges in information flow, communication gaps and emotional stressors, leading to a Global disconnect in their striving to provide the BEST care for Cancer patients worldwide.


Fight Cancer Global offers a comprehensive, fully integrated framework which allows all users to collaborate with one another in a seamless, synergistic manner, creating innovative solutions which will address and close these gaps. We will change the way things are done in the Cancer Space for generations.

No One Should Face The Fight Alone.
To transform the global cancer ecosystem (applying a comprehensive, 360-degree approach) into ONE patient-centric community for all players, through global engagement and collaboration.
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FCG’s comprehensive ecosystem is built atop the five pillars. The twelve players leverage our integrated platform and apply our collaborative approach by using our solutions to close gaps at all levels within the Ecosystem.


Join our global initiative as an influencer on our leadership panel in over 50 countries.

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We are collaborating with various strategic partners around the world. Our partners include leaders in the oncology, pharmaceutical, research, government, non-profit and technology ecosystems who are uniquely positioned to help drive adoption at a global scale.

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We have our foot print in over 50 Countries.

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